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About Us

Starting in 2013, Bristol's Recovery Festival has become one of the biggest recovery-focused events in the region, growing in numbers and from strength to strength, year on year. 


The festival was established as a free, volunteer-led event with a sole focus of bringing together people from recovery communities across the South West, along with local peer-led communities and drug & alcohol treatment providers.

We offer an opportunity for those still in active addiction, to see that there might be a worthwhile life without alcohol or drugs. For those working in services we help professionals to gain a better understanding of what recovery is about and to be encouraged by seeing clients who have survived, thrived and moved on to a better life. For those who think addiction is a dead end, it is our hope that we can change their mind.


We come together in our diversity: those in recovery, those working or volunteering within the community and those who support recovery and well-being in a variety of ways, to bring compassion, understanding and most importantly hope. 


The festival includes opportunities to listen to the stories of people in recovery and also to explore the many avenues that are available to those seeking help, be that through services,  mutual aid, creative arts or any one of various therapies. The event is jam-packed with inspiration, music and fun for all. 

"The only festival I actually managed to make last year was virtual, but excellent nevertheless. The Bristol Recovery Festival is a great place to connect to a vibrant and diverse recovery scene. There was music, art, drama and pretty much everything except drink and drugs that you get at other festivals. It was a great reminder of the importance of a sense of belonging and community."

Rosie Phillips 2022

Chief Executive - Developing Health & Independence

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